frequently asked questions

q: what is bubble browser?
a: bubble browser is a decentralized platform that allows you to mint and browse decentralized webpages, domains, and deploy smart contracts.
q: how and where are bubble pages code stored?
a: when you "mint" a bubble page the code is stored directly on the polygon blockchain, meaning that every validator on the network now holds a copy of your page. bubble pages are minted as nft's (non fungable tokens).
this is what allows bubble pages to be immutable, anonymous and secure. bubble itself doesn't store any data, code or other information you provide whilst minting.
the bubble browser is only used as a gateway to mint and request blockchain data.
q: why use bubble instead of traditional webhosting solutions?
a: bubble browser uses the polygon blockchain network meaning it is a decentralized platform, all pages you mint are immutable. meaning that no one other then you has control over your website.
bubble pages and domains are censorship resistant, anonymous, immutable, secure and can in many cases be cheaper then existing webhosting options.
mint fees are a one time payment, your bubble pages and domains only cost a low one time fee + polygon network gas fees.
minted pages and domains stay on the polygon blockchain forever, no monthly or yearly payments needed.
the bubble browser offers a secure, private and anonymous webhosting and browsing experience for everyone.
q: why is decentralization important?
a: decentralization is important for several reasons.
it ensures greater security and resilience of systems. in a centralized system, a single point of failure can disrupt the entire network,
whereas in a decentralized system, multiple nodes work together, making it more resistant to attacks or failures.

decentralization promotes transparency and trust. with decentralized systems, information and transactions are stored on a distributed ledger, visible to all participants.
this transparency reduces the need for intermediaries and increases trust among users.

decentralization enables greater user control and privacy. in centralized systems, users often have to relinquish control of their data to a central authority.
in contrast, decentralized systems give users ownership and control over their data, allowing them to protect their privacy and decide how their information is used.

decentralization fosters innovation and inclusivity. by removing gatekeepers and barriers to entry, decentralized systems empower individuals and communities
to participate, create, and contribute. it opens up opportunities for collaboration, new business models, and a more equitable distribution of resources.

decentralization allows for the immutability of information. once data is stored on a decentralized network, it becomes extremely difficult (basically impossible) to alter or tamper with by others who didn't mint that page.
this ensures the integrity and authenticity of information.

decentralization facilitates a free flow of information that is resistant to censorship. in centralized systems, authorities or third parties can impose restrictions on the dissemination of information.
decentralized networks, on the other hand, distribute information across multiple nodes, making it challenging for any single entity to control or censor the data.
this promotes freedom of speech, open access to information, and empowers individuals in regions where censorship is a concern.

decentralization plays a crucial role in building a more secure, transparent, user-centric, and inclusive digital ecosystem.
q: how can i get started with bubble?
a: if you would like to create your own bubble page you need to have metamask installed and have a positive matic balance to cover the fees. polygon matic is a crypto currency on the polygon network.
for a tutorial on how to set-up metamask and get matic click here. when that is all set-up go to the "mint" section in the navigation menu and choose the appropriate option based on your needs.
you can mint a contract and then mint a page, or mint a domain. visit the tutorials to see how to get started here.
q: can i trade my minted items?
a: yes, you can trade your minted items on the opensea marketplace. you can access the marketplace and tools by selecting the "marketplace" option in the navigation menu.
"we only recommend trading bubble domains as pages can be difficult to trade."
if you have any more questions or would like to discus any ideas or conserns feel free to join the bubble discord server.