about bubble

bubble browser is a decentralized platform
that revolutionizes the way we interact with the web.
bubble offers a wide range of features including minting and browsing
decentralized webpages, domains, and deploying smart contracts.
our platform is built on the polygon blockchain, ensuring security,
immutability, and anonymity for all users.

to learn more or ask questions: join the discord

by using bubble and it's services you agree to these terms of service


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mint bubble contract

to get started with creating bubble pages
you will first need to mint/deploy a smart contract,
visit the mint contract page to get started.

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write html code

bubble pages are written in html code, if you want to href to another bubble page
you can use the href link generator to easily create a link to that page.
since bubble pages are decentralized and consist of blockchain data
some html elements work differently then with normal webhosting.
view the tutorial for an in-depth explanation.

mint bubble page

when you mint a bubble page, its code is stored directly on the polygon blockchain.
this decentralized approach means that every validator on the network holds a copy
of your page, making it immutable, secure, and resistant to censorship.
bubble itself does not store any data, code, or personal information you provide while minting.
bubble is simply a gateway to mint and access blockchain data.
visit the mint page to get started.

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mint bubble domain

to easily find and share your or other users bubble pages you can use bubble domains.
bubble domains are domain names for the bubble browser ecosystem.
when you have created a decentralized site with bubble,
you can mint a bubble domain and link your
bubble page to it so people can easily find your site.
visit the mint domain page to get started.
created your domain? easily share your domain with the link

begin browsing bubble

done creating your own bubble pages? feel free to browse the grid
to explore and browse other users bubble sites and pages!
or join the discord to chat and contribute to the community.

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